I step out of the train into the awaiting cold.A five-minute wade ahead of me to reach home. It feels below thirty degrees Fahrenheit. Frugally clad to resist the icy weather, I seek warmth by huddling my thoughts.

My orange and black striped princeton umbrella , deflects the lazy drizzle . The sodium-vapour lamps illuminate the rain washed station illustriously.Wind with great zeal is blowing its minds out to numb me. Two shouting trains pass each other with adolescent energy. An Einsteinian moment. I walk into the subway. Catching me unaware the teasing wind gusts in , convexing my umbrella. After a tug of war , I win. I climb up into the grinning street mottled with variegated maple leaves. In revenge the wind tries to sweep the pinned down leaves off the ground. Once again the wet street wins holding the leaves tight. While watching the melee with glee a speeding sedan shamelessly splash the puddle over me. Its tail light making unapologetic red winks. Wind laughs. Tress nod in unison. I walk fast. My heaving breaths turning to instant ghosts.

I am home. I slam the door against the intruding wind.

Thanks for walking me.