Sea-sick DiCarpio retching his gut out in a ferry, gray clouds obscuring the sky , a portentous hurricane impending in the horizon, an isolated island housing the criminally insane headed by a bald ominous Ben Kingsley – what else is needed to set the mood for a psychological thriller. In spite of all these initial gear-ups and a pretty fast paced first half, the movie sags down in the middle as any average movie-buff would have known by then who the 67th patient is .No need for any Delhpi’s oracle. But still , I would say the movie is worth the time and money for two reasons ,

DeCarpio : the metamorphosis of meek ,sly Jack Darson of Titanic to a mature ,fully-grown actor is stupendous. He is perfecting himself in every film. His acting in Shutter Island is pretty dense with multiple layers which I think will peel off in subsequent viewing.
Scorsese : It is not easy to hold the audience in a nearly 2 hour movie whose suspense is fore-closed.But this master movie maker , with his intelligent craftsmanship weaves the plot, intertwining reality and delusions in very close proximity that sometimes they overlap. He does it with everything at his disposal – images , music , dialogues. Especially the dream sequence when Decarpio’s wife appears is a definite masterpiece in the light of the climax . I might watch the movie again just to appreciate more of Scorsese’s and Decarpio’s talents.

Dennis Lehane , author on whose novel the movie is based , has an impressive oeuvre. Mystic river, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island. One more addition to my ridiculously long reading list.

A Must watch for cinema lovers as this is a post-modern adaptation of a film noir genre with the name Scorsese etched all over it. Even though it is not his best.